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Delanie Walker chats with SB Nation about Jim Harbaugh, Super Bowl preparation

Former San Francisco 49ers tight end Delanie Walker dropped by the SB Nation Studios in New York City, and he had a pretty spectacular interview with Matt Ufford. The highlight might be when Matt asked Delanie about Brandon Jacobs comment that Jim Harbaugh was a bitch. Walker said he was not a bitch, and also said that Harbaugh would probably try and fight Jacobs in the street if they met up. Definitely worth the price of admission on that one!

Walker was able to provide some interesting insight into team preparation the week of the Super Bowl, as well as how to handle some of the unique circumstances surrounding the Super Bowl. He talked about the longer halftime and how the team handles that, and of course he had a chance to discuss the blackout and how the team handled that. Black truthers, tune in!

He wrapped up the interview with an important message about his partnership with MADD. As most of us know, his aunt and uncle attended the Super Bowl, and while driving home after a post-game party, they were killed by a drunk driver. Walker has partnered with MADD to promote the importance of having a plan in place when you go out for a good timing. It's really smart advice, and hopefully more people follow it.