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Niners Nation KSWOF brick runs into opposition!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As you might recall, back in December we looked into purchasing some bricks to represent Niners Nation at the new stadium. We were able to get bricks with Harbaugh's favorite Churchill quotation, and his "Attack the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind" quotation. The third brick was going to simply say "KSWOF Rabble! Rabble! @Niners Nation

Well, it turns out the stadium brick people have declined it. They called me in January asking what it meant. I explained, and they subsequently called back to say it had been rejected. I pushed on it, but they called back today and told me it was declined because it was considered a negative comment on the brick. It's lame, but that's life. Although, I will say that if I see anything representing the Seahawks, I will not be pleased.

With that happening, we have one brick to figure out. They said I could call back with a new inscription, so I'd like to figure this out today. The brick can hold three lines of script, with each line allowing no more than 15 characters. There were a few interesting suggestions in our last post. THIS IS THE BRICK @NINERSNATION was kind of funny. If I was being selfish, I'd go with something like FOOCH WAS HERE NINERSNATION DOT COM.

Any other suggestions?