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49ers media tour provides pictures, video of Levi's Stadium

The 49ers took media on a guided tour of Levi's Stadium. We take a look at some pictures, and what's what at the new stadium.

@49ers on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers took the local media on a tour of Levi's Stadium Wednesday afternoon, and thanks to social media we've got a host of pictures and video to share.

According to the 49ers, the stadium is 80 percent complete. They broke down a few details, including a mention that the lower seating bowl will be one of the largest in the NFL, holding 45,000 of the 69,000 seats. It apparently allows for people to be closer to the action down low. Speaking of which, I'm working to get an interview with someone from the stadium design team at HNTB. Hopefully we'll have more on that later in the spring.

You can view a whole host of photos from the media tour over at In the meantime, here are some that were posted to social media. This first one is a view at the seating bowl. The field area is still a muddy mess, but apparently the field surface will be brought in by early April.

Cam Inman had some solid Instagram video showing a bit more of a panoramic shot:

Here's the monstrous suite tower. The 49ers are paying some serious coin for this stadium, and these suites are going to go a long way toward helping pay down the debt.

These next two videos are interesting. Cam Inman posted them on Tout, and it involves a discussion of how the home and visiting teams will come on the field. Apparently, at this point the home team will come out behind the visitor's sideline, and the visiting team will come out from behind the home sideline. I'm going to look into this a little bit more. If the embedded video isn't working, check it out HERE.

Here is a look at the 49ers locker room. It is apparently twice as big as the locker room the team had at Candlestick Park. I've been in the Candlestick locker room and it is definitely small, particularly when you've got so many players, coaches and other folks wandering around. Doubling the size will make life a lot easier.

And finally, the stadium is right next to the team's practice facilities. Here is a picture of the closest point, a mere 13 feet away.