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2015 Super Bowl odds: 49ers behind Broncos, Seahawks at Las Vegas Hilton

We've got some early odds for Super Bowl XLIX. The 49ers are among the favorites, just behind the Seahawks and Broncos.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is still wrapping up, but we already have some early odds for next season's Super Bowl 49. The Las Vegas Hilton has installed the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks as early 6/1 co-favorites. The San Francisco 49ers are listed as 7/1 favorites.

It is interesting to note the dramatic drop-off after the 49ers. The next best odds are Patriots 12/1. I'm actually a little surprised the 49ers are behind the Broncos. Of course, that just might be my homerism in play. The 49ers would have entered Super Bowl XLVIII without NaVorro Bowman or Mike Iupati, and Frank Gore likely would have been playing with an injured hand.

For now though, the team gets the offseason to recover from their injuries, and we can start looking ahead to the road to Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona. Here is a rundown of the full Super Bowl XLIX odds:

Seahawks 6/1
Broncos 6/1
49ers 7/1
Patriots 12/1
Packers 15/1
Saints 15/1
Falcons 18/1
Bengals 18/1
Panthers 20/1
Colts 25/1
Chiefs 25/1
Eagles 25/1
Bears 25/1
Cardinals 25/1
Cowboys 30/1
Giants 30/1
Washington 30/1
Lions 30/1
Rams 30/1
Steelers 30/1
Ravens 30/1
Texans 30/1
Chargers 30/1
Dolphins 40/1
Buccaneers 40/1
Titans 40/1
Jets 60/1
Bills 60/1
Vikings 60/1
Browns 60/1
Jaguars 100/1
Raiders 100/1