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2014 Free Agency: Good tight ends, but 49ers probably not interested

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There's some solid tight ends sit to hit the open market, but the 49ers probably aren't interested.


To this point, we've taken a look at the San Francisco 49ers' free agent needs and options at cornerback, safety, quarterback and wide receiver. In my opinion, those positions are the primary concern for this offseason, but for completeness sake, we're going to look over all of them.

More free agency by position: Cornerback Safety Wide Receiver Quarterback

Now I don't think the 49ers need to pursue an offensive tackle or a linebacker or anything like that in free agency, but we should do our due diligence regardless. Trent Baalke, Jim Harbaugh and the rest of them over at 4949 will be doing it, so why shouldn't we?

They'll look at Eric Decker and they'll look at Michael Bennett, even if both players will earn more money than this team is realistically willing to pay. Now, we don't have millions of dollars hanging in the balance or a so many rabid fans' hopes riding on this and sure, this is all mostly because I'm very bored and have nothing better to do on Friday (hi, I'm poor) but we're going to talk about tight ends.

Tight ends are really swell, you know? They're just great. Vernon Davis is among the best of them, and Delanie Walker was pretty nice when he was here and actually catching passes. But to me, Vance McDonald is a huge question mark. If not for some slick plays down the stretch we might be talking about moving on, given that he struggled heavily earlier on in the season.

Well, not moving on, but we'd definitely be a bit more pessimistic about things. Fortunately he showed a bit of receiving talent late in the season and made a few pretty phenomenal blocks, particularly in space on end-arounds. I can get behind that any day. But it wouldn't be the most surprising thing in the world if the 49ers looked for another option in free agency.

Certainly less surprising than Jim Harbaugh being traded to the Cleveland Browns, you know? At any rate, we've got a list of all pending tight end free agents below:

Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers
Dustin Keller, Miami Dolphins
Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions
Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Raves
Scott Chandler, Buffalo Bills
Fred Davis, Washington Redskins
Brandon Myers, New York Giants
Ed Dickson, Baltimore Ravens
Dallas Clark, Baltimore Ravens
Jeff King, Arizona Cardinals
Jeff Cumberland, New York Jets
Alex Smith, Cincinnati Bengals
Ben Hartsock, Carolina Panthers
Bear Pascoe, New York Giants
Kellen Winslow, New York Jets
Jimmy "Not Gonna Happen" Graham, New Orleans Saints
Matthew Mulligan, New England Patriots
Dante Rosario, Chicago Bears
Kellen Davis, Seattle Seahawks
Andrew Quarless, Green Bay Packers
Kory Sperry, Arizona Cardinals
Jeron Mastrud, Oakland Raiders
David Johnson, Pittsburgh Steelers
Michael Hoomanawanui, New England Patriots
Jim Dray, Arizona Cardinals
Nate Byham, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Anthony McCoy, Seattle Seahawks
Clay Harbor, Jacksonville Jaguars
Chase Coffman, Atlanta Falcons
Garrett Graham, Houston Texans

I'm finding it difficult to really come up with names from that list that I'd be interested in, really. I've been adamant about Dennis Pitta and his ability in the past, but he's not the kind of player the 49ers could be looking at for the position. The same goes for Brandon Pettigrew.

Hey guys, maybe they'll get Jimmy Graham. Guys? Anyway, is there anybody that possibly catches your eye? Or are we looking at undrafted free agents and camp bodies at best?