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49ers visit with safeties Calvin Pryor, Marqueston Huff

The San Francisco 49ers have met with a pair of safeties at the 2014 NFL Combine. How much can we take from these reports?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers continued their Combine work with more interviews last night. According to Matt Maiocco, the 49ers had a formal interview with Louisville safety Calvin Pryor. According to Turron Davenport, the 49ers met with Wyoming safety Marqueston Huff. It sounds like both had a chance to sit down with the 49ers coaches, including Jim Harbaugh and secondary coach Ed Donatell.

The 49ers will leave the Combine later this week having met with a whole host of players. They will have formal interviews each evening, and informal interviews during drills and workouts. And of course, they'll be able to track what the players are saying during their press conferences.

When the 49ers emerge from the 2014 NFL Draft with their rookie class, it will include a mix of players they have spoken with, players they've observed in person, and players who have no idea the 49ers are interested. All this is to say we can only take so much from a meeting between team and player. Of course, as word on these meetings has spread, there is some chatter from 49ers fans about whether or not this kind of public acknowledgement of meetings is meant as a smoke-screen to throw teams off the 49ers real interest.

It very well could be, but we can't say anything for certain. We get a handle on some of the players with whom the 49ers have chatted, but we also know the draft can be as much a game as anything else. Maybe the 49ers end up grabbing a Pryor or a Huff. Maybe the 49ers don't have any plans whatsoever. It can make your head hurt!