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49ers salary cap: Craig Dahl reduces 2014 base salary by $525,000

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The San Francisco 49ers have re-worked Craig Dahl's contract, reducing his 2014 base salary by $525,000. We break down what it could mean.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers continue to do work to open up some space in their salary cap. Craig Dahl has reduced his 2014 base salary from $1,350,000 to $825,000. That is a $525,000 reduction. Our man Jason Hurley spotted it first (make sure and follow him on Twitter and at Niner Cap Hell), and I have been able to follow up with NFLPA resources.

We are still looking for more details on the salary cap impact of this move. Dahl's original contract called for a $250,000 workout bonus, and a $50,000 roster bonus. That combined with his prorated signing bonus resulted in a cap figure of $1,883,333. We have to figure his cap number has gone down, but we don't quite know how much. If he took a straight pay cut, that's $525,000 in cap space. We don't know what happened to his offseason bonuses, and we don't know if the deal included other bonuses. His 2015 base salary of $1,400,000 still appears the same, so the entire deal wasn't re-done.

Dahl focused on special teams in 2013, but did get some opportunities at safety when Eric Reid suffered his concussions. Donte Whitner is potentially on the way out, which means strong safety is open for competition. While Dahl could compete for the role in training camp, I'd have to think the 49ers would invest in a younger option to pair with Eric Reid. Free agency is two weeks away, so we'll start to get a better handle on the 49ers safety situation at that point.

Fooch's Update: Matt Maiocco was able to find out more details from his sources. His source says the deal clears $600,000 total in cap space. MM breaks it down in his story.