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Daniel Kilgore contract extension details starting to trickle out

49ers offensive lineman Daniel Kilgore signed a three-year contract extension earlier this week, and we've got some early details on the contract.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We are less than 24 hours removed from the announcement of Daniel Kilgore's contract extension, and details are starting to come out. We've got some information from the NFLPA, and the always helpful Joel Corry has some additional details.

According to Corry, the three-year extension contains $2.595 million in guarantees. Corry reported he could then earn $1.8 million escalators. The guarantees include the signing bonus, and some portions of his base salary. He will still earn his $645,000 base salary this season, and then get a slight boost in 2015 that appears to take him $55,000 over the minimum for a four-year veteran ($745,000). That CBA-mandated veteran minimum remains the same throughout the length of this contract, so he's getting modest boosts above it each year.

As expected, Kilgore will earn some roster bonuses. Matt Maiocco followed up Corry's post with some additional details in his own post. Here is a compilation of Corry, Maiocco and NFLPA data.

Signing Bonus: $1,350,000

2015 base: $800,000
2015 roster bonuses: $200,000 ($12,500 per game)

2016 base: $900,000
2016 roster bonuses: $200,000 ($12,500 per game)

2017 base: $1,000,000
2017 roster bonuses: $200,000 ($12,500 per game)

Escalators/Incentives: $1,800,000

If Kilgore ends up taking control of the starting center job, this would seem to be a solid deal for the team in the short term. Centers don't exactly make a ton of money, but it's still a great deal through the prime of Kilgore's career.

From Kilgore's perspective, he has no starting experience, so he's able to get himself some money, while potentially setting himself up for a bigger pay day in a few years. He'll turn 30 at the end of the final year of this deal. If at that point he has proven himself to be a solid starting center, there's a chance for a bigger contract at, whether it be with the 49ers or elsewhere as a free agent. I think the 49ers get the better end of this, but I can also see why Kilgore might agree to this kind of deal.

This also locks in three offensive linemen through at least 2017. Kilgore and Joe Staley are signed through 2017, and Anthony Davis is signed through 2019. Mike Iupati is signed through 2014, and Alex Boone is signed through 2015. With the salary cap continuing to rise, the 49ers will potentially have some extra money to spend to keep their offensive line together. I still think they only extend one of Iupati and Boone, but we'll see how that plays out.