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Anquan Boldin contract a 5-year deal that can void after 2 years

Anquan Boldin's new contract includes some interesting details. According to Matt Maiocco, it's a 5-year deal, but will void after three years. We break down how this helps and hurts for cap purposes.

Al Messerschmidt

Matt Maiocco put together an interesting report this morning about Anquan Boldin's new contract with the San Francisco 49ers. According to Maiocco, Boldin's new contract is actually a 5-year deal, but the final three years can be voided. It does not say specifically what about them can be voided, but they simply can be voided.

I checked over at the NFLPA's media database, and it does confirm that Boldin signed a 5-year contract. According to the database, Boldin is due the following salaries:

2014: $955,000
2015: 5,500,000
2016: 1,200,000
2017: 1,200,000
2018: 1,200,000

Maiocco mentioned the $4.545 million signing bonus, and with this five-year extension, that prorates out to $909,000 per year each of the five years for cap purposes. If the final three years are voided, that would leave the 49ers with a dead money hit of $2,727,000 in 2016. For now, with those $909,000 annual cap hits, the 49ers are looking at a 2014 cap figure of $2.364 million in 2014, and a cap figure of $6.909 million in 2015. That's just under $2 million less in 2015 than we originally thought.

We might eventually get some details on how the contract voids, but for now, it would seem the 49ers figure they need the additional cap space this year and next year for their upcoming big contracts. They must figure they can afford to push that dead money down the road a bit. I'm not a big fan of kicking it down the road too much, but given the big names they might want to extend this year and next year, it makes at least a little bit of sense.