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Golden Nuggets: And we are on our way

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Ezra Shaw

And so free agency begins. The biggest news of the day was that Niners S Donte Whitner would not be resigning with the team and would instead head back home to play with the Cleveland Browns. The Niners quickly countered that move and signed Indy S Antoine Bethea for a slightly cheaper price. The other big news Niner fans were waiting for was the resigning of K Phil Dawson. It was long anticipated that the Niners would not let Phil walk. The team also resigned CB Eric Wright to a 1 year deal and traded for Jacksonville's QB Blaine Gabbert for a 6th round pick. The last deal of the day must be a welcome sign to all Niner fans. The team traded for OL Jonathan Martin. Looks like Baalke and Harbaugh can work together considering they signed Harbaugh's former college player.

The worst news of the day for Niner fans was the news that Donte Whitner would not resign. While the 49ers would have loved to resign Whitner, they captured a good replacement. Bethea has 4 consecutive 100 tackle seasons. He is a smart player who should fit well with the team and has played 96 straight games. The resigning of CB Wright was a necessary move to keep some depth in the secondary with the release of Carlos Rogers.

While I don't think the Niners are real contenders for Revis, it could be interesting to see him in the red and gold. It would fix the only problem area the Niners have on the defensive side of the ball. The signing could also make the Niners-Seahawks rivalry a bit more exciting with the battle of the 2 best CBs in the league. And how would Revis Island playing in the same area as Alcatraz Island sound? Great in my opinion!

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