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Antoine Bethea signs contract, meets 49ers media

The San Francisco 49ers announced the signing of safety Antoine Bethea to a 4-year deal. We've got some video of his signing and media availability.

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed safety Antoine Bethea to town on Wednesday, as he took and passed his physical, and then signed his contract. Below you can catch some video of him signing his contract. If that video doesn't work, the 49ers posted some Vine of the signing.

Bethea met with the media, but before hand, he took part in a brief one-on-one with The video above and below comes courtesy of them, and you can watch the entire interview HERE. You can also check out audio of his Q&A with the Bay Area media.

In the conference call with the media, he talked about how he has always been overlooked. He wasn't highly recruited out of high school, and he was a sixth round pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. This was his first chance to really be recruited, and given that he was signed within an hour, he was obviously pleased with that.

The media call also includes some of his discussion about penalties. He pointed out how it can be a bit difficult dealing with the new rules, but he has worked to change as needed. Donte Whitner seemed to make relatively clean hits, but we know he suffered from some personal foul penalties. He seemed to have a target on his back at times, but considering his outspokenness about his hits, and his attempt to change his name, this is not exactly surprising.