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49ers free agency rumors: Anthony Dixon visits Titans, Kassim Osgood likely remains on 49ers radar

We've got a quick roundup of rumors and news surrounding some of the 49ers remaining free agents.

Frederick Breedon

The San Francisco 49ers have seven remaining unrestricted free agents, and thus far, it's been incredibly quiet on the rumor front. Tarell Brown is the team's most notable free agent and there has not been thing one about his status. Maybe that means he comes back on a short-term "prove it" deal to try and get a bigger deal next year.

Two other 49ers free agents have made their way into the news. Running back Anthony Dixon traveled to Nashville to visit with the Tennessee Titans. The Titans running backs coach is Dixon's former college coach, Sylvester Croom. That could potentially bode well for his chances of joining the Titans. The Titans have Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene, but they've been trying to deal Johnson for some time now. They recently signed RB/WR Dexter McCluster, but he would fill a different role than Boobie. For now, Dixon has not heard back from the Titans.

Matt Barrows had a modest update on wide receiver and special teams standout Kassim Osgood:

Wherever Osgood ends up, it will be on something at or near the veteran minimum. The 49ers could eventually sign him and get the minimum salary benefit, in which his salary would count for a smaller chunk than what he is paid. The benefit was added to give teams an incentive to bring back certain veterans rather than go for rookies and younger guys earning a lower veteran's minimum.

Osgood could find his way elsewhere if the 49ers wait too long, but he's said he wants to return. Given his extensive time in the NFL, I have to think he understands how the game works in this regard. I still think he ends up back with the 49ers, but we'll see how long it takes to play out.