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This 49ers NFL draft trade is probably unlikely, but it would send people over the edge

Todd McShay tweeted out a screen shot of his new touchscreen option for Sportscenter. It featured the 49ers in an unexpected position on the draft board. If this kind of thing did happen, it would certainly get 49ers fans excited.


This is not based on any kind of reality, but rather was just a screenshot that Todd McShay tweeted out to promote a new thing on ESPN. Apparently Sportscenter will be joining all the news shows in rolling out a touchscreen option for the 2014 NFL Draft. McShay mentioned that on Twitter, and included this screenshot of the touchscreen. Notice anything a little out of the ordinary on it?

I have to assume McShay was just playing around with it for this, but it's amusing to see the San Francisco 49ers picking in the No. 5 spot. The Oakland Raiders currently hold that spot, and it would require a whole ton of assets to move up that high. The 49ers would be dealing their first, probably their 2015 first and then a couple other picks at least to make this kind of thing happen.

I think the 49ers will be aggressive in moving around the draft board, but could anybody envision them being this aggressive? A move like this would mean the 49ers were climbing up for a guy like Sammy Watkins, right? Justin Gilbert and Darqueze Dennard are the two cornerbacks of note higher up in the first round, but would they need to climb into the single digits to get one of them?

I realize this kind of move is unlikely to happen, but imagine the reaction of 49ers fans if the team did make this kind of move up the board? The comments would light up, just a little bit.