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Brandin Cooks Pro Day: NN user gets video, overhears Jets scouts

The Oregon State Pro Day featured potential 49ers target Brandin Cooks. We've got some video and analysis from an NN reader.


On Friday, Oregon State put on their Pro Day for NFL scouts and personnel executives. There is no word if the 49ers were on hand, but there is one guy they might at least be a little interested in. Wide receiver Brandin Cooks mentioned at the NFL Combine that he had a meeting set with the 49ers for the Friday evening of the event. It does not mean the 49ers are going to draft him, and it doesn't even guarantee they're interested in him, but it's still noteworthy.

Cooks went to work at the Pro Day, and one of our readers was on hand for the event. User nickpepp (@nickpepp on Twitter) was in attendance, and he was able to get some quick video and overhear some comments about Cooks. First up, here are his thoughts from the day:

I overheard the Jets talking about him, basically saying he is either a 1st or early 2nd round pick. He continued to emphasize that his personality is something all the scouts are valuing high. They think he's got the complete package minus the ideal size. After he ran routes he then met with the Jets scout 1 on 1. You will see that from one of my pictures. I believe the jets are really high on him.

Boy does this guy have quickness. Very light feet and very strong hands. The videos will show he latches into the ball once it makes contact. Quick fingers. His hand size is a big plus for a guy his size. Cooks looked very fluid in drills. The OSU backup QB last year Cody Vaz threw to him. Not the best arm, but it was obvious to me Cooks is comfortable catching passes that may wobble, come too fast or misplaced. I'm not sure how well he will be able to block in the NFL, but he has great durability. Has played EVERY game of every season in both high school and college. The type of receiver you are getting out of Cooks is a guy who can stretch the field and run great routes. Definitely a weapon that helps expose when someone else is doubled covered.

His head coach Mike Riley at Oregon State also talked very highly about him. I was fortunate to meet him because he is a friend of my dad's friend. Mike Riley said he is a special player and really has it together. He then went on to talk about Harbaugh since Riley coached him when he was the head coach of the San Diego Chargers. Riley's eyes lit up when he talked about Harbaugh and how much he respected him. He said Harbaugh gets the most out of his players and always has them prepared. Riley said one year the Chargers went 8-8 when they really were a 3 or 4 win team. The only reason the were .500 was the sheer will of Jim Harbaugh. We really do have a special coach.

Next up, nickpepp got some video he uploaded to Instagram. I'll post the seven videos below:

This first video features Cooks running a deep route:

This next one appears to show him running a short crossing pattern:

In this next video, he runs a bit of a post pattern and catches a bullet of a pass:

This next one shows some of his change of direction skills in route-running

Cooks runs a quick out pattern here:

This video has him cutting in over the middle:

This final video shows some fluidity in his route-running:

The day also featured cornerback Rashaad Reynolds doing some work. Reynolds, Cooks and defensive end Scott Crichton are the top three prospects coming out of Oregon State this year. Here are three quick videos of Reynolds.