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A little free agency Twitter for the evening

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Things have quieted down to some extent while we wait for word on Emmanuel Sanders visit with the San Francisco 49ers. A little quiet is kind of nice after the insanity of the first day of free agency, so I'm going to step out and enjoy a drink at a friend's birthday. Basically a chance to relax a little.

There were a couple tweets today, one this morning, and one just a bit ago, that I wanted to share for your entertainment. The first one came after word came out that Julius Peppers signed with Green Bay Packers. This made me laugh pretty hard:

That just about sums it up, doesn't it? Obviously the Packers could snap this run of losses any time now, but for now it's fun to have the upper hand.

This other tweet was from Walter Thurmond earlier this evening. He visited with the 49ers, and is apparently weighing his options at this point.

Who knows what he actually means by it, but feel free to go down that rabbit hole all you want.