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NFL mock draft 2014: Updating the 49ers database

We're back with the latest look at the Niners Nation mock draft database for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Steve Dykes

We're back with another round of the Niners Nation mock draft database. We've got a mix of mock drafts covering pre-free agency, and during free agency. We'll update this again mid-week in the coming days so as to see what people really are seeing.

As it currently stands, we've got nine mocks projecting a cornerback, nine projecting a wide receiver, eight projecting a defensive lineman and two projecting a safety. I remain skeptical on defensive line, but the rest fall right in where I would expect them. Following the first business week of free agency, cornerback and wide receiver make the most sense for the 49ers. Of course, that also means the 49ers are probably going to go in a completely different direction and mess with us. We're totally going to see them draft a defensive lineman, aren't we?

The 49ers lost out on Emmanuel Sanders to the Denver Broncos, and Julian Edelman has made his way back to the New England Patriots. I suspect that give the 49ers addition of Chris Cook, we start to see mocks looking more and more at wide receiver. Cook is not any sort of clear-cut answer at cornerback, but some folks will see the addition and view it as reason to adjust their mock drafts.

As it currently stands, the 49ers have quite a bit of flexibility heading into the 2014 NFL Draft. Matt Maiocco reported that the team was comfortable with Tramaine Brock and Chris Culliver as the starting cornerbacks, but that doesn't mean they won't address the position. And the nickel back side of things remains a question mark. Eric Wright will compete for the role, but the team can use some help at the position. We talked about Lamarcus Joyner on Saturday, but there are other options the 49ers can consider in May. It will make for a fascinating draft.