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2014 Harbaugh-isms: Your complete list

Jim Harbaugh is known to use memorable phrases. We'll keep an eye out for them and update this article as they come along all year long.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long after the San Francisco 49ers traded for offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, head coach Jim Harbaugh provided some comments on the trade. AP sports writer Janie McCauley provided this line from Harbaugh:

The start of the new NFL league year also means time to reset on the Harbaugh-isms. As we've all come to know, Jim Harbaugh has quite the array of random comments and quotations that can be incredible memorable. Over the last three years, we've had a host of great ones. He rolled out "jive turkey gobblers", "attacking this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind", "Fred P. Soft" and so many more.

I thought it would be fun to keep a running tally of Harbaugh-isms. People will occasionally ask about random Harbaugh comments, so why not have them all for your reading pleasure over the course of the year? This was inspired in part by a few articles and video: 1) The best of Jim Harbaugh 2013, 2) BASG's look at some of his notable catchphrases, and 3) the video compilation of Jim Harbaugh's funniest press conference moments of 2013.

And so, we have our first Harbaugh-ism of the new league year. I will attempt to keep this as current as possible.

"I believe everybody deserves an Etch-A-Sketch opportunity & opportunity to start a new chapter." - March 12, 2014

Harbaugh woke up Tuesday feeling sick. Asked if he had a 24-hour bug, he said he "walked it off in 12 (hours)." - March 26, 2014

After multiple questions about Aldon Smith, and his availability for training camp given his sentencing hearing July 25: "You can take bamboo shoots and stick them under my fingernails, and there still wouldn’t be any more I could add further to this discussion." May 23, 2014

On Kap developing into a leader of the team: "And I really expect a real breakout year for Colin. Athletically, he looks bionic. If you all remember the Six Million Dollar Man, that’s what it looks like to me." -- May 28, 2014

On the first day of training camp: "It's such a positive happening, that first day. Imagine you're kind of in the comfort of the off-season, like being in the comfort of the womb. You get plenty to eat in there, it's warm, very cozy. And then you're born, into somewhat of the unknown. A lot of people looking at you, lot of faces looking at you, lot of excitement. It's light, it's bright, it's noisy, it's the crazy world of football. Again, it's a real happening. Wish everybody could experience it." - July 24, 2014