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Bruce Miller chats with the media after signing contract extension

We take a look at some of FB Bruce Miller's comments on his contract extension conference call with the media.

The San Francisco 49ers announced on Thursday the re-signing of full back Bruce Miller to a three-year extension. While his position isn't one that is trending upward in the NFL, Miller plays an integral role in the Niners offense. Locking him up was an off-season priority for the team.

Later that afternoon, Miller took part in a conference call with the media. Here are some of the highlights (AUDIO).

On when the talks for this extension began, Miller indicated that this has only been a couple weeks in the works. He was just letting agent take care of things while he continued to focus on his off-season rehab and training.

On when we should expect him to be healed up enough to go, Miller said "I'll be completely ready April 21st." He added that he would be a full participant right now, if off-season workouts were to be starting. He would be ready to start today and be be ready to go.

While Miller lives in Georgia, he's been at the Santa Clara facility training rehabbing. He went home for a week break, but has mostly been here working out here at the team's facilities.

On how he feels about getting this done, Miller said, "I'm really excited and humbled that they wanted me to be a part of that. I'm looking forward to being part of that for three more great years."

Even though some in the national media wants us to believe that players are growing tired of coach Jim Harbaugh's "antics," Miller spoke well about his relationship with the coach.

"I think the relationship is great," he said. "Him having the confidence in putting me out on the field and letting me play was big."

A reporter had asked about when Miller first knew he might be transitioned to fullback in the NFL.

"It was the day before the draft started. The phone call I received from Tom Rathmann was the first I heard it was a possibility." He add in some thoughts on his reaction. "At that point in time, I was really excited about any opportunity. I didn't care if it was offense, defense or special teams."

How hard was it for Miller to watch the playoffs from the sideline?

"That was really tough," Miller stated. "I feel like I was really hitting a stride and playing well. It's been great motivation for me moving into the off-season to get better than ever, and have a healthy and successful year this year.

On staying in the Bay Area, Miller said that "when the talks first started to do an extension, I was really excited about getting that done and moving into the year."

Does he want a more prominent role in the offense, running and catching more than just lead blocking?

"Well, for me it's wanting to be a part and do whatever I can to help our offense be successful. So far it's ever been evolving, and a little more on my plate, so hopefully we can continue that trend and get better and better."