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The 49ers could get another shot against Matt Schaub, interception machine

The Oakland Raiders have traded for quarterback Matt Schaub. He likely threw another interception in that span!

The Oakland Raiders have likely found their quarterback of the present, trading a sixth round pick to the Houston Texans in exchange for Matt Schaub. The Raiders tweeted out the transaction, so I'm assuming this addition actually did pass his physical.

Assuming he hasn't lost his job by the time the Raiders and 49ers square off, the 49ers can get another crack at the interception machine. In what was a completely miserable 2013 campaign for Schaub, the Texans quarterback's worst performance of the year came against the 49ers. He completed 19 of 35 passes for 173 yards, and threw three interceptions. This resulted in a robust 32.2 rating, and a 4.6 on ESPN's QBR scale.

Last season was comically bad for Schaub, as he lost his job to Case Keenum, then gained it back late in the season. He had been fairly solid the season before, so I suppose it is possible he could bounce back with the Raiders. The Raiders have added some talent, and if they can do some good things in the draft (still up for debate), they could actually be halfway decent next year. They still face a tough uphill battle in the AFC West, but they could at least be competitive.

Nobody is going to think Schaub is a long-term solution, but he could prove a decent bridge option while the Raiders develop a quarterback of the future. I could still see the Raiders drafting a quarterback in the first round, but with plenty of needs across the roster, I don't expect it.

The NFL schedule will be released in mid April, at which point we'll know when the 49ers head up the Bay to the Coliseum. An early season matchup likely means Matt Schaub will be the quarterback, while a late season matchup could mean it's a complete toss-up. Either way, it is the Raiders!