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Golden Nuggets: The draft cannot possibly get here fast enough

Saturday, March 22, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

The first round of the draft is officially 48 days away, but who's counting right? Free agency is winding down now to the point that the biggest news of the day was that Devin Hester was thinking about possibly signing with the 49ers. I'm actually glad Hester signed with Atlanta. He brings no value as a WR, and he is an aging returner in a league that is obviously tying to legislate the kickoff out of the game. The way I see it, If he was still a special player, he would still be on the Bear's roster.

Devin Hester aside, the 49ers are obviously looking to upgrade at the returner spot. Tre9er pointed out that last season, the 49ers had their fewest kick return yards since 1993. Punt return yardage wasn't much better and was the worst since 2009. They have shown interest in some form to players like Desean Jackson, Julian Edelman, and Golden Tate, all of whom are extremely capable returners. LaMichael James filled that role admirably last season, but I think he going to be pushed even further out of the RB rotation with the debut of Marcus Lattimore. Based off the behavior he showed last season I can't see him being happy this season and it wouldn't surprise me if he is traded before the start of the season. To the links!

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