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49ers met with Oregon DL Taylor Hart at his Pro Day

The San Francisco 49ers added another prospect meeting to the list, as they met with defensive tackle Taylor Hart at Oregon's Pro Day.

Nine days ago, the University of Oregon conducted their Pro Day for NFL scouts and media, and it turns out the San Francisco 49ers were reportedly on hand. According to Tony Pauline, the 49ers met with defensive tackle Taylor Hart after he put together his Pro Day performance. Here's what Pauline had to say about Hart's performance at the March 13 Pro Day:

Taylor Hart really impressed scouts. Times on Hart vary, but as posted on Twitter, I'm hearing as fast as 4.78s in the forty on a number of watches. More impressively, Hart's ten split came in around 1.65s, a superlative number when compared to those who ran at the combine. Hart measured 6063/284lbs, posted a 30-inch vertical jump and completed 24 reps on the bench. He met individually with the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts afterward.

Although Hart currently weighs in at 284 pounds, he seems like a guy with a frame to add some bulk. We've heard that Tank Carradine is up around 295 pounds, giving him upwards of ten pounds on Justin Smith.

The 49ers have strong depth along the defensive line, but given that Justin Smith is nearing the end of his career, and Ray McDonald is also slowly getting up there in age, it makes to consider future options. I still am not sold on the first round defensive lineman, but with Jim Tomsula there to work with later picks, I could see a later pick.

In this case, Hart is projected by many as a sixth or seventh round pick. In his consensus big board, Poldarn has him at No. 148. Last year that would have been mid-fifth round. Obviously players can rise and slip, and we don't really know how he is rated among all teams, but this gives you some ideas of where we might assess him.

I've never watched Hart play, so I'll pass along these scouting report links. If you have had a chance to watch him play, chime in with your thoughts:
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