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DeSean Jackson trade rumors continue to escalate around league

The NFL is abuzz with rumors about DeSean Jackson's future. We take a look at where things stand heading into the 2014 annual March league meetings.

Over the course of this offseason, the rumor mill surrounding Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has grown to a fevered pitch. A few days ago, the San Francisco 49ers were added into the mix with a report that they inquired about Jackson. That initial report indicated the 49ers and Patriots were two teams that inquired. Earlier today, Jason LaCanfora decided to toss the 49ers in the mix again with a report that they along with the Seahawks "are among the teams showing interest" in Jackson.

Until Jackson's situation is settled, rumors like this are going to remain out there. LaCanfora's report read somewhat like an excuse to get in the mix on this whole thing a couple days after the fact. Here's how he put it:

The Seahawks and 49ers are among teams to have talked to the Eagles, sources said, but they lack the cap space to absorb Jackson's salary and trading for him would be cumbersome.

No [site decorum]? I've already discussed why the 49ers will not make this kind of trade. The Seahawks have shown more of a willingness to shop retail, but if they add Jared Allen, I think it limits the likelihood they also add Jackson. It's possible, but I think given the already existing Percy Harvin, I don't see them also adding Jackson to the mix.

The problem in getting this all sorted out is the Eagles and Jackson seem to show no signs of cleaning up this mess. After the first trade rumors came up, there was a report that Chip Kelly had spoken with Jackson to clear the air, telling him they were not going to trade him. It turns out that might have been a bogus report because now it sounds like Jackson and Kelly have not spoken all offseason. I do hope LaCanfora reports they in fact have only spoken via email. That would make my day!

But seriously, this situation is a mess for Philadelphia. There are no multiple reports that the Eagles are in fact prepared to release Jackson if he is not willing to compromise in a potential trade. I suspect at least one of the sources involved in all this crap is DeSean Jackson's agent. In fact, I'd bet very good money that's the case. His client would appear to be upset with his situation, and if he can create a bit of a ruckus, why not do it? His current contract includes only $250,000 in guarantees. Securing his release puts him in a position to get more in guarantees moving forward. He might be a pain in the butt, but there are likely plenty of teams that will pay out the nose for his kind of talent.

Will it be the 49ers or Seahawks? I highly doubt it. Ian Rapoport tweeted that he figured the Raiders or Jets were the most likely landing spots. Those are two teams with a ton of cap space, and they both have shown a penchant for spending the bucks. The Jets are going to be connected throughout this process due to their addition of DeSean Jackson. And the Raiders? Well, they're the Raiders. They've shown a decent amount of self-restraint this year, but I suppose I could see them making a play if Jackson ends up on the open market.

We'll hopefully find out a little more about this situation in the coming week when NFL teams meet up in Orlando for the annual March meetings. I don't expect resolution, but getting all the teams in person could help expedite this situation a little bit.

At this point, where do you see Jackson ending up?