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Jed York has some fun on Twitter with free agency, DeSean Jackson trade rumors

During the Harbaalke era, free agency has gotten started, and as the 49ers take their time and show some patience and prudence, people lose their mind. They want instant gratification. They want the big name, no matter what the cost. Or, they think they can make the cost work, without completely getting the realities of NFL contracts. It makes for fun times!

Jed York has close to 71,000 Twitter followers, and I can only imagine how many of them tweet at him each day, demanding the 49ers sign Player X, trade for Player Y, JUST DO SOMETHING! I have to think he gets a lot of all caps tweets each day.

While he can't go nuts on Twitter, he has done a good job subtly acknowledge the tweets. Earlier today, he tweeted this out:

Naturally, this got some amusing responses, and York played along with it:

He also retweeted this one:

A lot of people take football and the 49ers incredibly seriously. There's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it's nice just to have a little fun with it. The 49ers have come up short the last three years, but they've put a quality product on the field that has come so close to the mountain top. At times it might make things harder to take, but I think to some extent it makes it easier to have a sense of humor about some of this stuff.