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49ers draft picks 2014: NFL comp picks announced, 49ers get 3rd round pick

The NFL announced compensatory picks for the 2014 NFL Draft, and in a bit of a surprise, the 49ers got a third round pick for the loss of Dashon Goldson, instead of an expected fourth round pick. We break down the 49ers full slot of picks, potential 2015 comp picks, and their recent historical use of picks.

The NFL announced compensatory picks for the 2014 NFL Draft, and in a bit of a surprise, the San Francisco 49ers received a third round pick. The projections had the 49ers getting a fourth, so this is a nice boost. Unlike the 49ers other ten picks, the comp pick cannot be traded.

This pick comes as a result of the loss of free safety Dashon Goldson to free agency last year. Comp picks are determined based on net free agency losses from the season before. In this case, 2013 saw the 49ers sign Glenn Dorsey, Dan Skuta, Craig Dahl and Phil Dawson. They lost Goldson, Isaac Sopoaga, Ricky Jean Francois, Delanie Walker, and Ted Ginn.

Now that the comp picks have been announced, here is a rundown of the 49ers 2014 draft picks. I've removed the sixth round pick due to the trade for Blaine Gabbert. That leaves the 49ers with 11 picks.

1. First round: own - No. 30
2. Second round: Chiefs (Alex Smith trade) - No. 24 (No. 56 overall)
3. Second round: own - No. 29 (No. 61 overall)
4. Third round: Titans (2013 draft trade) - No. 13 (No. 77 overall)
5. Third round: own - No. 30 (No. 94 overall)
6. Third round: Comp for Dashon Goldson FA departure - No. 36 (No. 100 overall)
7. Fourth round: own - No. 29 (No. 129 overall)
8. Fifth round: own - No. 30 (No. 170 overall)
9. Seventh round: Saints (Parys Haralson trade) - No. 27 (No. 242 overall)
10. Seventh round: Panthers (Colin Jones trade) - No. 28 (No. 243 overall)
11. Seventh round: own - No. 30 - (No. 245 overall)

Eric Branch put together a rundown of how the 49ers have used recent compensatory picks:

RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina, fourth round
OT Carter Bykowski, Iowa State, seventh round
CB Marcus Cooper, Rutgers, seventh round

G Michael Person, Montana State, seventh round 
CB Curtis Holcomb, Florida A&M, seventh round

WR Kyle Williams, Arizona State, sixth round

DT Ray McDonald, Florida, third round
DT Joe Cohen, Florida, fourth round

S Vickiel Vaughn, seventh round

WR Rasheed Marshall, fifth round
OT Patrick Estes, seventh round
TE Billy Bajema, seventh round

DB Keith Lewis, sixth round

DT Josh Shaw, fifth round
OT Kyle Kosier, seventh round
CB Teddy Gaines, seventh round

The 49ers current free agency gains and losses will impact 2015 comp picks. We've had some preliminary discussion on that. The 49ers added Antoine Bethea and Chris Cook, and lost Donte Whitner, Tarell Brown, Anthony Dixon and Mario Manningham. At this point, the 49ers could very well be looking at 2-3 comp picks next year.

I suggest 2-3 because it depends on some of the veteran minimum contracts. Minimum contracts reportedly do not get factored into the comp pick equation. Cook signed a 1-year deal with the 49ers for the veteran minimum. Manningham signed his own 1-year deal with the Giants for the veteran minimum, but he also has $40,000 in bonus money. I'm not quite sure if that will be enough to bump it up to be worth a comp pick, but I'd be down for another seventh round pick from it!