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2013 NFL performance-based pay figures for the San Francisco 49ers

The NFL released their performance-based pay figures for 2013. We break down the list of 49ers who earned extra money this season.

Earlier today, the NFL Management Council released their annual report on performance-based pay for the 2013 season. Performance-based pay is included in the collective bargaining agreement as a way to compensate players whose playing time was much higher than what their salary would otherwise cover. It generally benefits late round picks and undrafted free agents the most, but as you can see below, even notable veterans can earn some extra cash.

Pretty much everybody on the roster earned some kind of performance-based pay incentive. I didn't check the entire roster, but considering Colt McCoy earned some with his salary on the bottom end, and Patrick Willis earned it with his salary on the top end, I'm gonna guess most everybody got a little something extra.

It's worth noting that the players will not see this money until April 1, 2016. There are conflicting reports on why this is the case. Some believe it was tied to the agreement to raise the salary cap in 2012 (and delay payment of these benefits), and others say it's the NFLPA's attempts to protect players from themselves in some instances. Not all are going to blow their money on stupid stuff. Take it however you want.

Thanks to CBS Sports for posting these figures from the NFL Management Council. Below that, I've posted the methodology as described in Article 28, Section 5 of the CBA

Player Amount
Tony Jerod-Eddie $194,558.50
Bruce Miller $193,112.82
Vance McDonald $163,581.99
Michael Wilhoite $162,027.49
Demarcus Dobbs $158,264.33
Corey Lemonier $145,467.66
Colin Kaepernick $125,376.31
Eric Reid $118,354.66
Kyle Williams $103,759.04
Anthony Dixon $101,118.07
Alex Boone $99,825.65
Kassim Osgood $96,998.96
Garrett Celek $74,910.39
Kevin McDermott $71,143.71
Adam Snyder $69,455.47
Patrick Willis $68,851.98
Tarell Brown $68,408.78
Darryl Morris $67,949.89
Tramaine Brock $67,588.13
Daniel Kilgore $66,528.41
Kendall Hunter $65,542.57
Joe Staley $64,902.65
NaVorro Bowman $59,918.82
Dan Skuta $59,429.67
Raymond Ventrone $58,842.31
Jonathan Goodwin $55,722.38
Mike Iupati $51,644.15
C.J. Spillman $47,175.75
Craig Dahl $46,485.24
Anthony Davis $44,910.88
Ray McDonald $43,882.14
Nathan Stupar $42,350.02
Eric Wright $39,249.32
Justin Smith $39,222.78
Glenn Dorsey $38,216.12
Perrish Cox $37,172.27
Derek Carrier $36,164.66
Donte Whitner $35,352.50
Ahmad Brooks $35,149.44
Joe Looney $27,800.12
Aldon Smith $27,089.98
Nick Moody $25,909.75
Marlon Moore $25,319.81
LaMichael James $24,931.39
Carlos Rogers $24,543.35
Quinton Patton $24,451.37
Anquan Boldin $24,345.19
Frank Gore $20,857.76
Nnamdi Asomugha $18,590.70
Jon Baldwin $17,715.92
Vernon Davis $16,827.21
Phil Dawson $13,868.79
Quinton Dial $9,938.33
Mario Manningham $9543.49
Michael Crabtree $8,571.02
Will Tukuafu $7,741.28
Andy Lee $7,231.99
Ian Williams $3,464.45
Colt McCoy $2,642.21


a) Each player's "Playtime Percentage" shall be calculated by (i) adding the player'S total plays on offense or defense, as appropriate, plus special teams and (ii) di­viding that number by the team's total plays on offense or defense, as appropriate, plus special teams;

(b) Each player'S "PBP Compensation" shall be calculated by adding his full regular season Paragraph 5 Salary, prorated signing bonus for the current League Year (plus any signing bonus acceleration (without regard to the June 1 rule) due to his having been released during the applicable League Year, unless the player is re-signed by his old Club without having missed a week of the regular season), earned incentives, and other compensation for the current League Year, subject to the following provisions:

(i) For all players other than those who receive the Minimum Salary Benefit, the full regular season Paragraph 5 Salary shall be used;

(ii) For players who were released and later resigned by the same Club during the regular season, the Paragraph 5 Salary from the player's initial contract shall be used for the period ending with the player's release, and the Paragraph 5 Salary from the play­er's subsequent contract shall be used for the period from release through the term of the subsequent contract;

(iii) For players who receive the Minimum Salary Benefit, the Paragraph 5 Minimum Salary amount for a player with two Credited Seasons, rather than the stated Paragraph 5 Salary, shall be used to calculate the player'S PBP Compensation;

(iv) If a Player Contract is renegotiated after the Monday of the tenth week of the regular season to include an unearned incentive for the current League Year that is treated as signing bonus, such incentive shall not be counted in the calculation of the PBP Compensation; and

(v) If a portion of the player's Paragraph 5 Salary is treated as signing bonus, the full Paragraph 5 Salary (rather than the current year's proration) will be counted; all other amounts treated as signing bonus will be included on a prorated basis except for unearned incentives, as described in Subsection (iv) above.

(c) Each player's "PBP Index" shall be calculated by dividing the player's Playtime Percentage by his PBP Compensation;

(d) Each player shall receive an allocation from the fund determined by (i) dividing his PBP Index by the sum of the PBP Indices for each player on the Club and then (ii) multiplying that percentage by the Club's total PBP allocation.

(e) For PBP purposes, a play is counted towards playtime percentage if the play runs to completion, regardless if the play was nullified by a penalty (e.g., a play that is blown dead by a penalty, due to a false start or encroachment penalties, etc. do not count in this calculation). A play is defined by the personnel on the field. A fake punt or field goal is considered a Special Teams play, and a 2-point conversion attempt is considered an offensive/defensive play.