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Bruce Miller contract extension: Figuring out the salary, bonus, and cap figures

We break down the reports about Bruce Miller's contract extension details. The 49ers appear to have gotten themselves a solid deal for an important part of their offense.

Early terms are coming in on Bruce Miller's 3-year contract extension, courtesy of the NFLPA and our man Jason Hurley. The contract is a 3-year extension worth $5.4 million, but it also re-works his 2014 base salary to lower his 2014 cap figure. Miller had previously been scheduled to earn $1,431,000, and have a cap figure of $1,446,614. Now, his base salary stands at $645,000, which is the veteran minimum for a player with three years experience.

If you add up the signing bonus, 2015-2017 base salaries, and 2015-2017 roster and workout bonuses, you get $6,186,000. If you then subtract $786,000 (the difference between his previous 2014 salary and his new 2014 salary), you get that $5.4 million figure.

Below is a rundown of his contract, including salaries, bonuses, escalators and cap figures. For the 2014 cap figure, it includes the base salary, prorated signing bonus ($446,500) and the remaining signing bonus money from his rookie contract ($15,613).

I took a quick look at cap hits for fullbacks the next four years, and the 49ers come out in fine shape with this contract. The reduction to his cap hit this year drops him from No. 4 among fullbacks to No. 6.  His 2015 cap hit is No. 4 among fullbacks. His 2016 cap figure is No. 2 and his 2017 cap figure is No. 1, but that's because there are only three other fullbacks signed through 2016, and none signed through 2017. I suspect he'll remain among the higher paid fullbacks because of the diminishing use of the position. Of course, the 49ers use him as more than a tight end, and his value is fairly considerable.

Signing Bonus: $1,786,000

Base Salary: $645,000
Cap: $1,107,113

Base: $1,100,000
Roster Bonus: $160,000
Workout Bonus: $140,000
Pro Bowl Escalator: $200,000
Cap: $1,746,500

Base: $1,250,000
Roster Bonus: $160,000
Workout Bonus: $140,000
Pro Bowl Escalator: $200,000
Cap: $1,896,500

Base: $1,450,000
Roster Bonus: $160,000
Workout Bonus: $140,000
Pro Bowl Escalator: $200,000
Cap: $2,096,500