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2014 NFL Draft: Tuesday March 25th Pro Days

We take a look at notable prospects from the pro days happening on Tuesday. The best tight end in the draft will be taking the field.

The Tuesday Pro Day schedule is light but does feature the No. 1 tight end prospect in the draft. The pro days today include Massachusetts, North Carolina, North Carolina A&T, and Texas-San Antonio. Today it's all about North Carolina.

North Carolina

Eric Ebron, Tight End: Ebron is the best tight end available in the draft and should be drafted in the top 20 picks. Mike Mayock has compared Ebron to Vernon Davis, and the Davis connection doesn't end there. Ebron has also been studying Vernon's game tape since High School, needless to say he's a Davis fan. The final comparison to Davis comes from Daniel Jeremiah, who calls Ebron a "Poor mans Vernon Davis". While I don't see the similarities to Davis, I find it cool he watches film of Vernon to improve his game. Ebron ran a 4.60 forty at the combine and will be looking to improve that number today. A 4.59 forty sounds a lot better than a 4.6 doesn't it? While Ebron has displayed good route running in his college career, he still needs to fine tune other parts of his game. He isn't the most sure-handed option and if he wants to be a complete tight end his blocking must improve.

Tre Boston, Safety: Boston is an intriguing late round option. Boston has many inconsistencies, as he isn't a very physical safety, leading to whiffed attempts at tackling his opponent. All is not bad when it comes to his game however, Boston is a bit of a ballhawk, picking off 9 passes the past two seasons. Mayock believes he's a middle round prospect that is more of an in the box safety.

Kareem Martin, Defensive End: One thing North Carolina is good at is producing stud defensive ends (Julius Peppers and Robert Quinn). Martin should be coming off the board early in the draft and rightfully so. He put together an impressive season, with 11.5 sacks. Martin could use some more pounds to his 6'6" frame, as he is 272 lbs currently. He projects as a 4-3 end and has a chance to become a dangerous pass rusher at the next level.

Russell Bodine, Center: This prospect doesn't have big arms or big height (6'3"), he doesn't even get off the line all that fast, what he does have is brute force. Bodine put up an insane amount of reps at the combine on the bench press, racking up 42 reps. His power will get him drafted, and the team taking him will hope to improve the areas of his game that need work.

James Hurst, Offensive Tackle: Hurst appeared to be an early round selection this year, up until he broke his leg in the last game of the season. He was a combine invitee but had no chance at participating, as he wasn't fully recovered from the injury. Today is a big day for Hurst, he cannot afford to fall flat when he didn't have the chance to participate in Indy. The 6'5" tackle is quick-footed and good at assessing blitzes; he excels in pass protection.