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Golden Nuggets: The CEO's Take

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from across the Internet.

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With the owner's meetings taking place this week, Jed York had a couple comments about some of the big offseason stories concerning the team. He talked about the Jim Harbaugh trade to the Browns rumor. He said that the Browns called and the Niners told them that they weren't interested. I believe this is exactly how it happened. I have no reason to believe that the Niners shopped Harbaugh. You don't shop a coach with a 36-11 regular season record, 3 NFC title game appearances, and a Super Bowl appearance. They took the phone call, heard what the Browns wanted to offer, and told them no.

He also commented about Kap and a possible contract extension. He said that Kap has done a lot to be paid as a top QB. The front office will work out a deal with Kap that is beneficial for him and the team. With the QB market these days and how much success Kap has enjoyed in a season and a half, it isn't hard to understand why he wants to be paid the amount he is asking. York remembers what is was like without a franchise QB and he will not let Kap walk.

Lastly, Jed talked about the Harbaugh-Baalke tension and mentioned that with both men wanting so badly to win a Super Bowl, that the drive to be successful causes friction between the two. The take from Jed was that the two men want to win so it wears on everyone. But as long as the goal of the two remain the same, it works for them and the team. If that is the recipe for the Niners success, keep it going.

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