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Jim Harbaugh talks about Colin Kaepernick workouts

Jim Harbaugh had a chance to talk about Colin Kaepernick at the NFL owners' meetings. We've got some video of his discussion of Kap's workouts.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media at the NFL owners' meetings on Wednesday, and Colin Kaepernick was a frequent topic of discussion. Tim Kawakami transcribed the interview (Part 1, Part 2), but we also had some random video show up here and there.

The video above comes courtesy of CBS Sports, and features Harbaugh talking about Colin Kaepernick's workouts, and any concerns about getting too big. Harbaugh is not concerned about this, and sees Kap doing so much more than just pumping iron to get big. Although, this does lead to another classic Harbaugh comment a little over a minute into the video. He's talking about the different muscles Kap can develop with his workouts, and at one point he imitates someone working out saying, "Gonna get some lats in!" Check it out. It's funny to watch.

Kap has been down in Miami working out at a place Frank Gore and Anquan Boldin suggested. put together a video of his work down there, with some input from the man who runs the place. Kap is not able to work with the 49ers coaches at this point because of the rules of the CBA. The 49ers offseason workout program can begin on April 21. It opens with a couple weeks of strength and conditioning work, and then transitions to more football-specific work with coaches. We're not entirely clear on the specifics of his football work this offseason. I believe he is doing some work with a QB coach, but I'm not 100 percent certain on that. But given his seemingly endless drive to improve himself, I'd have to think he's looking for more than just ways to improve his body.