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Anthony Davis and Chris Long decide to kick up 49ers-Rams rivalry a notch

49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis had a comment about his performances against Rams defensive end Chris Long, and Long did not take too kindly to it. We've got some of the tweets for you.


Things have been pretty quiet aside from the Jim Harbaugh chatter, but Anthony Davis and Chris Long are here to pick things up a month before the offseason workout program begins!

Davis has gotten into his share of online chatter with opposing players, with his minor "feud" with Cliff Avril briefly entertaining us. Two days ago, he made a comment about Chris Long, and the Rams defensive end has responded. Davis tweeted out this Instagram picture, with the phrase "My rookie year Chris beat me every way you can beat a man. Ask him wassup now tho......"

This was followed by a 49ers fan bringing Long into the mix.

Long did not immediately respond, but earlier today, he did not hold back:

Well, then. New Dolphins tackle Brandon Albert even weighed in with a couple comments as well.

We'll see if Davis responds. I don't expect this to matter too much during the season, but odds are pretty good that Davis will have something to say. He's not one to shy away on Twitter. If you're bored, I recommend going back and enjoying Bay Area Sports Guy's 4-part tour de force of Davis v. Cohn 2012 (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4). It's Pulitzer material, and great entertainment.

Davis heads into the 2014 season on a contract extension signed through 2019. This year actually marks the largest cap figure of the deal, with a $7.53 million cap number. Next year it drops to $6.7 million, then $5.15 million, up to $6.5 million and finally $6.375 million each of the last two years. He has shown solid improvement, and he and Joe Staley are able to anchor the ends of the line.

Of course, given this extension, I do wonder if we see a new deal for Staley at some point. The left tackle often is the guy making the most money on the line, but we don't see that in this case. Of course, there is some talk about the valuation of the offensive line at this point, and who exactly deserves what. Staley is not one to rock the boat, but as the 49ers are handing out more money, does Staley eventually get a new deal? I don't see much change at this point, but it's something to at least keep on our radar.

Fooch's Update: Davis commented on Long's tweets