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49ers on hand for Johnny Manziel, Mike Evans Pro Day, 3 weeks after visit with Evans

The 49ers were on hand for the Johnny Manziel show. The Texas A&M quarterback was on display, but the 49ers likely were there to check out wide receiver Mike Evans.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers were one of 30 teams on hand in College Station, Texas to check out the second Texas A&M Pro Day. The Aggies had a Pro Day on March 5 in which a majority of their players worked out for NFL scouts and executives. Of course, two notable Aggies were in attendance that day, but did not run through drills. Quarterback Johnny Manziel, and wide receiver Mike Evans, elected to wait until the March 27 Pro Day to put on their show.

It was a pretty huge affair, which is not exactly shocking given Manziel's status. While he is likely not going to go No. 1 in May, he is expected to go in the first round. His performance brought out a host of celebrities, with former President George H.W. Bush and Texas Governor Rick Perry on hand for the workout. It should mean nothing at the end of the day, but it shows Johnny Football's star power.

However, this day was also about Evans. While he was overshadowed by Manziel, Evans was there to run routes and catch passes from from the quarterback. Just from notable Twitter folks, it sounds like Evans had a solid performance on the day. It's only a Pro Day, but it's still nice to see a player back up their status. Of course, it's a scripted day, so I'd say there is more to be said by a poor performance.

Evans has been on the radar for 49ers fans, and he has been on the 49ers radar as well. The team's director of college scouting, Matt Malaspina was on hand for the March 5th Pro Day. Even though Evans did not work out at that point, the 49ers did get in a meeting with him in College Station. Evans reportedly met with the Patriots as well during that time, and this all followed him reportedly meeting with 20 teams at the NFL Combine.

Evans thinks he could end up a Top-10 pick, and if he were to go that high, I would not see the 49ers moving up that far for him. Most everybody sees the 2014 NFL Draft as having a very deep wide receiver class. The 49ers could use a great long-term option to join their wide receiver corps, but they also are not in a desperate state at the position. They have the assets to move around, but if you can grab a strong cornerback in the first round, and then find a strong wide receiver value in the second round, why would you blow a couple tradable assets? It really comes down to how they feel about Evans and the other wide receivers, so any thoughts on what the 49ers will do is speculation. Of course, that's what pays the bill, amirite?!

Speaking of Johnny Manziel, Jim Harbaugh had a chance to weigh in on him during his hour-long media session on Wednesday (Part 1, Part 2).

-Q: How unique is Johnny Manziel's skill set? And what are the challenges for any team taking Manziel?

-HARBAUGH: Oh, I'd welcome the challenges of taking Johnny Manziel. His skill-set... sees the field like nobody I've ever seen see the field in college football. You'd love to work with that.

I don't see any way the 49ers end up with Johnny Football, but I'm not surprised to hear Coach Harbaugh gush over him. I do enjoy his brand of hyperbole.

For now, here's a GIF of his "walk-off" throw to Mike Evans, followed by some raw video of the workout with Manziel, Evans and others.