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2014 NFL Draft: Logan Thomas prospect profile

We take a look at Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas. Jim Harbaugh took the time to attend his pro day, could he be an option for the 49ers?

The 49ers are one of the lucky teams who doesn't need to find a quality starting quarterback. What they need is to find a quarterback capable of backing up Colin Kaepernick, while also pushing him to improve his game. The 49ers proved in the 1980's it's a good thing to have a backup that can compete with the starter and step in at a moments notice and perform well. As it stand the 49ers have Blaine Gabbert as the likely choice to backup Kap. This could all change come draft day.

Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas is a dual threat quarterback who can run and throw, and has a skill-set similar to Kap's, albeit a lot more raw. Jim Harbaugh was was interested enough in Thomas to fly across the country and check out Thomas' pro day, and in my opinion that is telling of his interest in drafting the QB. Of course, coaches go to many pro days and work out many quarterbacks, but something tells me there's a high level of interest when it comes to Thomas.

I was at the Combine for the quarterback/wide receiver portion, and Thomas was one of the standouts that day. Only he and Jimmy Garoppolo let it loose completely, not playing it safe. He showed he could make all the throws asked of him, and the only time he struggled was on a few deep passes, that were over-thrown.

The Basics

Name: Logan Thomas
College: Virginia Tech
Position: Quarterback
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 248 lbs
Forty Yard Dash: 4.61
Vertical: 35.5"

  • Has experience playing under center and shotgun as well
  • Rare combination of speed, size, and strength
  • One of the strongest arms in the draft, high velocity throws are not an issue
  • Good play action fake
  • Has a beautiful deep ball, but inconsistent with the accuracy on deep throws too often.
  • Moves in the pocket well, senses pressure while keeping his eyes down the field. When the pressure is coming heavy and has no one to throw to, Thomas knows when to tuck it and pick up some yards.
  • Played bad against the top two teams he faced, Alabama and UCLA, going a combine 9 for 38 with an interception.
  • Holds on to the ball too long, indecisive instead of letting it rip.
  • Throws into contested coverage, leading to far too many interceptions.
  • Settles for the check-down when there are receivers open further down the field.
Do Your Homework

Check out Thomas take on Miami. This tape shows the good and the bad.

Does he fit the 49ers?

Yes. Drafting Thomas would give them a player with traits similar to Colin Kaepernick. He can run the read option, line up in the pistol, and also would have no problem taking snaps under center. The 49ers have shown that they can shift their offensive philosophy based on the quarterbacks skill-set, as the Alex Smith version of the offense was different than what Kaepernick and the Niners offense looks like now. It still has a power offense philosophy, but with more wrinkles and dimensions with a dual threat QB at the helm. While it isn't a necessity to have a back-up that can do the same things as Kap, I think it would be a good idea. Continuity is a good thing to have in the event of an injury, the 49ers wouldn't have to quickly change their offensive approach and all the things they have been working on in practice.

What They Are Saying

- ESPN's Kevin Weidl talked to multiple scouts about Thomas, and they would rather develop him than A.J. McCarron.

- Mel Kiper wouldn't be surprised if Thomas is a tight end by 2016.

- Thomas threw the fastest football at the combine, clocking in at 60 MPH.

- Mike Mayock on Thomas: "If you can figure out Logan Thomas, he's got starting quarterback credentials."


Thomas is far from a finished product, and it may be unrealistic for him to even be a backup next season. With that said, he does have tremendous upside and under the tuteledge of Jim Harbaugh, he could have a chance to become a good pro. The 49ers have a lot of picks to work with and if they want to draft him, they will have the ability to do so whenever they wants, be it a trade up or falling into their lap. I'm all for the 49ers drafting Thomas and giving Harbaugh a chance to turn him into something good. Being around Harbaugh and Kaepernick would only make a player like Thomas better, he has the tools, all he needs to do is sharpen them.