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Patrick Willis with a snake around his neck, and a scared expression on his face

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Willis recently took a trip to Australia with Takeo Spikes and Carlos Emmons, and we got to see all sorts of pictures and video from the trip. This might be my favorite.

Willis apparently has a big fear of snakes. He has done various things to overcome his fears, and he decided to add snakes to the list. This was the caption on the video/pictures below:

I told y'all yesterday about one of my biggest fears in life is walking through the corn fields back home in tn as a kid to go fishing and see a snake this big well really any snake but especially something this big and I can't run b/c I have passed out and it gets me but after yesterday I'm ready now. #fears #LetsGo! Big ups to my homies @takeospikes51 and @carlosemmons for capturing this moment that I didn't even know they had until now

If you watch this video, you can sense how nervous he is with the snake around his neck. We never see a "scared" Patrick Willis on the football field, so it's kind of interesting to see this side of him.