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Golden Nuggets: Chris Culliver gets busted for hit-and-run with a cyclist as well as brass knuckle possession

Saturday, March 29, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Wow. This morning I thought I would be writing about Desean Jackson being cut even though I am all but convinced he will not sign with the 49ers. But that's the offseason for you, one day Devin Hester admitting that he momentarily thought about signing with the 49ers is news. Another, troubled CB Chris Culliver gets involved in a hit-and-run collision with a cyclist. Not only did Culliver flee the scene, he got involved with a eye witness who followed him into a nearby neighborhood and boxed his car in. Culliver proceeded to threaten the witness with brass knuckles (yeah, brass knuckles) before the police came upon the scene and Culliver was taken into custody.

I really want to wait for all the facts to come out. Cyclists are not high on my list of people to share the road with because they seem to think they are both vehicles and pedestrians at the same time. With that comes cyclists who roam the streets with reckless abandon and its not all that hard (at least for me, who deals with oblivious cyclists on a near daily basis) to imagine a driver hitting a bike and not even realizing it. I want to be sure to note that the situation I laid out is by no means the most likely outcome, I just want to make sure we don't rush to judgement about this one way or another. That being said, there is no justifying the brass knuckles, even if my possible scenario is accurate and he had no idea why this person was boxing his car in.

I'm actually a big fan of Chris Culliver the player. When he was healthy, I thought he was the 49ers best corner, that of course was before the emergence of Tramaine Brock. If our worst fears on this incident are true, I can't imagine the 49ers not cutting Culliver. I am not convinced at all that football players need to be good people, and If I was running the team there are few incidents short of jail time that I would cut a talented player over. That being said, I know how the world works and despite this being his first legal issue, he has had multiple incidents that reflect poorly on the team. If he is cut, The 49ers almost assuredly need to go with a corner somewhere in the first two rounds, and CB immediately becomes the biggest need on the team. A very solemn to the links.

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And you thought we were going to get through this without going over Desean Jackson? Silly people. I am not a fan of the way the Eagles cut Desean Jackson at all. He was cut apparently because the Eagles were worried that his friends in a LA street gang were becoming a bad influence in his life. I won't go into too much detail about this because once again, we don't know all the facts. I just find it incredibly wrong the way Desean Jackson is being portrayed as a criminal when he has done nothing to warrant such a label. It seems to me that this is just a convenient excuse for the Eagles who didn't like his attitude. The 49ers are more than likely to not go after Desean Jackson because he is more than likely to be out of their price range. He does not seem to be at all like a player who would take less money to play with a contender. In fact, If I had to put money on him signing anywhere It would be the Raiders.

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