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Maurice Jones-Drew thinks there's a few Raiders fans among us, so some of you are basically monsters

Maurice Jones-Drew knows some of you are impostors.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders fans have never exactly ... gotten along very well. It's a pretty solid Bay Area rivalry, to the point that one of the most embarrassing pictures of me that exists is one that was taken at a friends house while I was asleep ... using a Raiders blanket.

For fans growing up in the Bay Area, you like the 49ers or you like the Raiders. If you like the 49ers, then you also usually like the San Francisco Giants and if you like the Raiders, you might just like the Oakland A's. Yes, 49ers fans who like the A's, you're doing it wrong (hi Fooch).

But if one veteran running back is correct, Niners Nation isn't full of just 49ers fans. No, some of you are not genuine ... some of you are Raiders fans, which means you're basically monsters.

Maurice Jones-Drew, who recently signed a three-year contract with the Raiders, was asked if he was a Raiders or 49ers fan growing up. "I was a Raiders fan. It's funny, the Bay Area cracks me up," Jones-Drew said, "There are certain people that I know -- I won't say any names -- who were Raiders fans when we were growing up, but now that the 49ers are doing well, they're 49ers fans now. Some people are just funny."

He followed up by saying "I just think pick a team and stay with them through the good and the bad."

Obviously, I'm writing this article primarily in jest, but I do admit I've seen my share of fairweather 49ers fans and outright fake 49ers fans in general. I'm sure every team has them, it comes with being good. The Raiders probably had them a long time ago and might have them again the future ... really, really, really far into the future.

Seriously really far.