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Golden Nuggets: Are key players fed up with Coach Harbaugh?

Monday, March 3, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


In a recent article by Ann Killion, she alluded to the fact that there may be friction also between Jim Harbaugh and his players. What makes this news is not the fact that there is friction, but the timing of the information coming so closely after the "revelations" of discord between Coach and Trent Baalke. There is no denying that Harbaugh's competitiveness can be very abrasive to others. When he arrived in San Francisco, he was seen as abrasive by the local media and yet he won games. He was said to be abrasive to game officials and yet he won games. Opposing coaches were offended by him and yet he still won. Now it's being said that he was abrasive to the GM and his own players and yet he's still winning.

Clashes are to be expected anywhere there is more than one person in the same place. Even husbands and wives who are in love and live under the same roof will have terrible arguments. The key question to ask is: Are both parties are still achieving the purpose for which they came together? The answer in the case of the 49ers is: they are still winning, and that is what's going to keep Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco. I don't see him as any more difficult to deal with than Bill Walsh was during his tenure and we all know his track record. So am I worried that Jim Harbaugh or Trent Baalke will leave because of all the reports in the media? Not one bit.

Report: Jim Harbaugh's "act has worn thin" in the 49ers locker room (PFT)

Report says Jim Harbaugh's ‘act has worn thin' in 49ers locker room, but who cares? (Yahoo)

Feather on Your Kap

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Other News

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