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Jason Verrett through surgery, invited to 2014 NFL Draft

Cornerback Jason Verrett has been invited to the 2014 NFL Draft. HIs draft stock appears to be rising in the media following his labrum surgery. Will the 49ers have a shot at him?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, TCU cornerback Jason Verrett tweeted that he has been invited to attend the 2014 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. At times he has been considered a bit of a Day 1 bubble guy, but his stock has been rising among the media. This comes even though he had surgery earlier this month on a labrum tear. He suffered the tear last year and reportedly played through the season with it. He put up solid bench press numbers with the injury, so this would not seem to be a huge issue for his draft stock.

Verrett is a guy who is likely on the 49ers radar. The team sent their director of college scouting, Matt Malaspina, to Fort Worth for the TCU Pro Day. He could have been going for a variety of reasons, but after Verrett, TCU is not looking at much of a 2014 draft class. And considering the 49ers potential need at cornerback, it makes sense that he would be on the radar.

Deion Sanders apparently views Verrett as one of the more impressive cornerbacks in this draft. Deion isn't the end-all, be-all in draft assessment, but hearing a great cornerback's views on other cornerbacks does hold some measure of value. It would be nice to find a little more detail on why he thinks what he thinks, but this is something for now.

The 49ers have a long-term need at cornerback, and the picks necessary to make a move for the guy they want. I think most everybody would be happy with the 49ers grabbing Verrett, but how high do they go? The team liked Eric Reid last year and made an aggressive move up the draft board to get him. Maybe Verrett is that guy this year.