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DeSean Jackson rumors: Odds on 49ers, others for free agent wide receiver

Bovada released odds on DeSean Jackson's final destination, and the San Francisco 49ers are surprisingly high. It might not be so surprising if Bovada is looking for some easy money.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have occasionally been mentioned in the DeSean Jackson sweepstakes, although it primarily surrounded their purported interest in a trade leading up to the owners' meetings. Trent Baalke specifically denied ever talking to the Philadelphia Eagles about Jackson, but that hasn't stopped the discussion.

Since Jackson's release, the 49ers have been mentioned as a possible landing spot, but that has strictly been because of the previous reported interest. Trent Baalke could be deceiving us with his answer, but he's the only one who has gone on the record on this topic, so I'm willing to give him a bit more credence.

The Jackson sweepstakes continue to roll along, with Jackson heading to Washington for a visit today. He has at one time or another been connected to the Chiefs, Raiders, Bills, Jets and others. Now, there might be a mystery team or two involved:

I do wonder what "not identified publicly as having interest" actually means. Does it mean a team identified in the current free agent DeSean Jackson race? Or does it mean a team identified as having any interest, including when he was on the trade market? I'm not overly concerned, just asking for a friend!

As would be expected, there are gambling odds for Jackson's eventual destination. And I think the folks at Bovada are looking to cash in on easy money from 49ers fans. Bovada released their odds and they are as follows:

Free Agent Specials - Who will sign DeSean Jackson?

Washington Redskins: 2/1
Oakland Raiders: 3/1
San Francisco 49ers: 5/1
Buffalo Bills: 5/1
New York Jets: 7/1
Seattle Seahawks: 10/1
New England Patriots: 12/1
Carolina Panthers: 12/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 15/1

Washington is getting the first visit, so that would seemingly make them an easy favorite. If I were looking to make some money with a longer shot, I'd probably go with the Bills or Jets. The Jets have supposedly pulled their interest, but given their cap space and needs, it could make some sense. The Bills make even more sense. They need receivers for E.J. Manuel, and have a nice chunk of cap space available. If I were to bet any money, I think it would be on the Bills.