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49ers attend Central Arkansas Pro Day, per Aaron Wilson

The San Francisco 49ers sent a representative to attend the Central Arkansas Pro Day. We break down what it means to visit with prospects that are unlikely to be drafted.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Each week day over the last month, we've posted a rundown of the Pro Days going on around the country. We did not post anything today as it was a light day. The day featured Central Arkansas, Texas A&M-Kingsville and Colorado State-Pueblo. Turns out it was worth a look. Aaron Wilson is reporting the San Francisco 49ers were on hand for the Central Arkansas Pro Day:

The Central Arkansas draft prospects include:

SS Jestin Love
OLB Justin Heard
DT Matthew Hornbuckle
DE Markeith Gaines
QB Wynrick Smothers
OLB Radarius Winston
CB Marcus Peters

There is not a whole lot of much out there on these players. I did come across this interview with Love over at NFL Draft Diamonds. He views himself as versatile enough to handle both safety positions, as well as cornerback. He compares himself to Earl Thomas, he likes to come downhill in action, and he thinks his biggest weakness is overthinking things.

On a side note, when a player is asked to compare himself to a current NFL player, they always choose a notable player. I'm not surprised by this, but it's still kind of amusing. It's like when people talk about being someone in a former life, it's always a famous person. Nobody is every some random peasant.

Love did not show up in a lot of places, but ESPN and CBS Sports rankings listed him among guys strongly expected to go undrafted. It is not entirely surprising the 49ers would send scouts far and wide even for players unlikely to be drafted. As I mentioned in discussing the 49ers interest in wide receiver Albert Wilson, when the draft ends, undrafted free agency becomes a frenzy of phone calls. The 49ers will have a list of players they're prepared to speak with as soon as the draft ends, and visits like this only help. We'll see if anybody from Central Arkansas ends up getting an invite to camp.