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Pictures, report from Jim Harbaugh's workout with Jimmy Garoppolo

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh put Jimmy Garoppolo through a 45-minute chat and workout before his Pro Day. We have some pictures and reaction from the day.

Joe Robbins

Tuesday morning, we learned that San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh made an appearance at the Northwestern Pro Day in Evanston, Illinois. It appears he was on hand to meet with Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Eastern Illinois did not have a Pro Day scheduled, so Garoppolo got to work out with the Northwestern players.

According to Eric Edholm, Harbaugh introduced himself to Garoppolo and proceeded to throw the ball around with him before the Pro Day even began. Harbaugh subsequently spoke with Edholm, and provided some thoughts on Garoppolo.

"Well, he's a four-year starter, for starters," Harbaugh told Shutdown Corner. "You've got the two losing seasons [as a freshman and sophomore], and then they get to seven wins and then to 12. He helped them get there.

"I really enjoyed watching him on tape. He's got some fire. [He] goes out and beats San Diego State, really had Northern Illinois on the ropes. I enjoyed following him through the year. Wanted to see him in person. It all checked out really well."

Edholm asked Harbaugh about Garoppolo's quick release, which Edholm said is considered his best skills:

"Quick release, yes, but sometimes it's too quick," Harbaugh said. "You want to see him go through [the] whole throwing motion.

"But he can do it. He picks it up quickly. He's got natural skill, and it's obvious when you watch him."

Thanks to the power of social media, we actually have some pictures from the day. NBC Chicago's Peggy Kusinski tweeted out some pictures from the day: