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Anthony Dixon loves free food, Tramaine Brock loves Santa, Kap needs some Wolfbucks

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're less than 48 hours from the start of the free agency negotiation period, and when that hits, I'm sure we'll start seeing all sorts of random rumors. We'll try and keep up with the random evening social media post, as it seems like there's something solid every day. And today is no exception!

Anthony Dixon might not have a team right now, but at least he's getting free food!

I enjoy Chipotle, but I love me some Wing Stop. My only experience with Wing Stop was in Oakland, but I just discovered there is one down near Mt. Vernon in Virginia. I might have to hit it up, maybe mix in some time at George Washington's place. I think it's what our founding fathers would have wanted.

Tramaine Brock took top prize on "Throwback Thursday" with this picture from his younger days. He's sporting a 49ers Starter Jacket, while sitting on Santa's lap. The message on the Instagram picture said it all, "Tbt..49ers starter jacket.. Dnt know y I was sittin on SC at tht age." Hat tip to BASG for originally spotting this.

And finally, we now know what might help get Colin Kaepernick extended: University of Nevada Wolfbucks!

Wolfbucks are the campus money students can use at UNR, like you see at most universities. If you are a Nevada student and have some Wolfbucks to spare, we might as well just start a GoFundMe Wolfbucks account!