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2014 NFL mock draft: World famous "Rapid Mock" draft takes place on Twitter

For the third straight year, Tre hosted the famous (in his own mind) "Rapid Mock" draft via Twitter.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

As we all wait with baited breath for the NFL Draft to finally arrive, mock drafts are all the rage in passing this time. Now that the NFL moved the event into May, it's even more excruciating watching days slowly fall off the wall-calendar until we receive our shiny new draftees.

Of these mock drafts, by far the most accurate has to be the World-famous "Rapid Mock" draft, held on Twitter by the esteemed Tre9er. Wait, that's me. Is talking about one's self in the third person still cool? Wait, it never was? That explains why I'm doing it, then.

If you want to know exactly what will happen in the NFL Draft, pick-for-pick, then look no further. It's completely inconceivable that the event could fall any other way, in fact. Upon realizing this and fully buying-into the fact, I'd like to also interest you in some ocean-front property in Arizona.

Of course it's not going to be even close, but that's not what mock drafts are for, so stop acting like they are. They're for fun, a chance to play GM and get into scenarios of "what would you do?".

The underlying theme of this mock is the "Rapid" part. The pick timer is set to 30 minutes (during reasonable waking hours), and there are no trades. We've gone through nearly 3 rounds in just over 36 hours, compared to other drafts taking a week to get this far. Granted, the no-trades clause makes them less realistic, but refer to the previous paragraph if this bugs you.

Without further adieu, I present the Rapid Mock draft, still in progress, still awesome, etc. Click here to track the picks. The 49ers lead-off with Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller. Division rival St. Louis takes Sammy Watkins with the second overall pick, Arizona drafts help along the OL, and the Seahawks find themselves with Vanderbilt wide receiver Jordan Matthews. Nearly three full rounds are complete.