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Darnell Dockett twitter account tampers, talks crap and live-tweets police stops


Since adding this recurring segment about social media, I've tried to focus in on 49ers on Twitter. The players have entertained me to no end over the last week, but today was relatively quiet. Fortunately, a division rival is always around to provide entertainment.

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is a big trash-talker, but on Twitter, he is all over the place. A year or two ago, he live-tweeted getting stopped by the cops. This past year, he tweeted with Alabama QB A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, inviting her to Wing Stop and a strip club. on Twitter. He just has no problem letting it all out.

This week has been rather entertaining. Earlier in the week, he sent this tweet about Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Brandon Albert, a few days before he hits free agency (h/t Arrowhead Pride):


He has since deleted the tweet, and qualified what he was saying:

He also had some fun with Adrian Peterson about Mike Vick and where he might end up. I'm sure Carson Palmer was amused!

Earlier today, PFTMZ put together an article listing ten reasons the 49ers should wait to pay Colin Kaepernick. Dockett is apparently down in Florida working out with Kap, and he had this response

Shortly after that, he tweeted this:

There's been no follow-up tweets, but maybe he'll recap the situation at some point. While it's easy to get riled up about division rivals, Dockett is funny enough that I can live with it.