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NFL win totals 2014: First Over/under arrives

Cantor Gaming released their first win totals for 2014. We break down what it means for the 49ers and the rest of the NFC West.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Immediately after the Super Bowl, odds for Super Bowl XLIX were released, and the San Francisco 49ers were among the league's favorites. Now, with the NFL schedule release a little over a month away, we are getting some early win total bets. Cantor Gaming is usually among the first to release win total odds, and they are on it again even before free agency gets going.

R.J. Bell got the win totals posted, and the 49ers are installed at 11 wins. They join the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos at the top. It's interesting to note that the Broncos are the best odds to go over, the Seahawks are second and the 49ers are third. At the bottom of the spectrum, the Jacksonville Jaguars are installed at 4.5 and the Oakland Raiders are at 5.

The NFC West breaks down as follows:

Team Wins Over Under
San Francisco 49ers 11 100 -120
Seattle Seahawks 11 -110 -110
Arizona Cardinals 7 -120 100
St. Louis Rams 6.5 -120 100

I didn't notice win totals at this point last year, but I did write something on win totals in May. It made more sense then coming out after the entire run of free agency, the schedule release and the NFL Draft. However, there is still some value to releasing 2014 win totals now. It gives us a base line from which to assess how things change through the major events of the offseason.

Last season, the 49ers opened at 11.5 wins, the Seahawks were at 11, the Rams were at 8 and the Cardinals were at 6. Given how the 2013 season finished, I'm not surprised to see Arizona a notch ahead of the Rams. However, in looking at both totals, I would be inclined tot ake the over on both the Cardinals and Rams. Even without seeing the schedule,

I'd take the over for sure on the Rams. I think with the remaining RG3 pick, they're in position to add some serious talent. They need to actually execute with said talent, and part of the issue on offense will be what they do at quarterback. Sam Bradford has shown some things, but there's a lot of inconsistency there.

For the 49ers, 11 wins is a high total, but they can make this happen. Here's the quick rundown of opponents. There are no gimmes in the NFL, but the 49ers are good enough at this point that they can get up to at least 12 wins once again.

HOME: Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, Washington, Chicago Bears

AWAY: Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, New Orleans Saints