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Colin Kaepernick, Carlos Rogers represent most undervalued and overvalued players on 49ers

Who are the most overvalued and undervalued 49ers?

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Every team has its share of friendly contracts and ... rather poor contracts. For the San Francisco 49ers, I think it's pretty obvious to most everyone here that cornerback Carlos Rogers generally has the most overvalued contract on the team. In fact, I think we could all name the top 10 overvalued players a whole lot easier than we could undervalued at this point.

Fortunately, we don't have to! Pro Football Focus has been taking a look at overvalued and undervalued players for each team, and on Sunday they talked about the 49ers. In their series of posts, they're trying to determine a "performance based value," and in true PFF fashion, assign that a simple number.

They come upon this number based on what a player did on the field, what kind of money tat player is making, and group the players by position.

Below, I've listed their 10 overvalued and 10 undervalued:


1. QB Colin Kaepernick
2. LT Joe Staley
3. LB NaVorro Bowman
4. CB Tramaine Brock
5. LB Aldon Smith
6. LB Patrick Willis
7. S Donte Whitner
8. S Eric Reid
9. WR Anquan Boldin
10. LB Corey Lemonier


1. CB Carlos Rogers
2. WR Michael Crabtree
3. RB Frank Gore
4. TE Vernon Davis
5. LB Ahmad Brooks
6. WR Mario Manningham
7. P Andy Lee
8. DL Justin Smith
9. S Craig Dahl
10. QB Colt McCoy

I think both lists are particularly interesting. On the undervalued list, it's obviously interesting to see Kaepernick up on top. He's due a sizable pay raise with his first contract obviously, but to see the numbers they come up with really helps it hit home ... the guy took the 49ers to the NFC Championship yet again, and only made $1.4 million in 2014.

Staley's number is also a little surprising. He's not making a ton per year thanks to the fact tat the 49ers signed him for the next 50 years or whatever it is they agreed upon a couple seasons ago. To me, the biggest name there is linebacker NaVorro Bowman. The 49ers were able to extend him at a very reasonable rate, which likely secured this defense for years to come. They list his value differential at $4.7 million, so the 49ers are getting some pretty excellent value with the best or second-best linebacker in the NFL.

For the overvalued list, it's interesting to see both Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis so high up. Obviously, Manningham belongs on the list, and Davis isn't being used to his potential, either. Crabtree appears to only be on the list due to his injury .... I don't necessarily see why they even bothered to include that.

Now, I'd like to call attention to a huge injustice. Seeing the backup quarterback there is a bit funny as well, but having punter Andy Lee appear at No. 7 on that list is ... it's just not right. Not right at all. Shame on you, Pro Football Focus. Shame. On. You.

But aside from all of that, what do you guys think about this list? Did they nail it? Is it totally meaningless? Is Andy Lee the best player in the NFL today? Weigh in, why don't ya?