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DeSean Jackson-49ers rumors, 'news' picks up steam as Washington negotiations reportedly start

More and more rumors are popping up with regard to the San Francisco 49ers alleged interest in DeSean Jackson. We break down the latest "news" circulating on Twitter.

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Fooch's Update: The negotiation dance continues

Well, we might be reaching a point where D-Jax Watch could officially become a thing for 49ers fans. It's still early, but the more information and rumors that come out about DeSean Jackson, the more interesting it gets. I don't think he ends up with the 49ers, and I am fine using the draft to try and find a long term wide receiver option, but I can't say it has not developed into an interesting turn of events.

It started earlier today when a Washington, D.C. reporter suggested the 49ers had some interest in Jackson, and had actually called during his dinner meeting Monday evening with Washington brass. The latest news has DeSean Jackson departing the Washington facilities, but his agent is reportedly sitting down for more formal negotiations with the team. Here are a few tweets discussing the situation:

PFT is noting Segal was scheduled as far back as a month ago to be in DC for a guest lecture. Nonetheless, he would still appear to be sitting down for negotiations.

I am more inclined to believe Chris from this trio of tweets given his proximity to the team, and his chance to build sources. His tweet leaves some room for interpretation, but it's interesting.

Things got a little more interesting with this report that the 49ers had inquired with the LAPD about the report last week concerning DeSean Jackson and gang activity. While I could see an agent mentioning the 49ers as a potential landing spot to boost leverage, this is a bit more aggressive a play. It could all be part of some kind of long con by the agent, but it certainly makes it easier to think there might be more to this whole story.

For now, we're left to wait. I think Jackson and Washington get a deal done, but until it actually gets done, speculation will abound. And if Jackson and his agent leave without a deal, then all bets are off. The 49ers can make the money work, but with various players due for new deals in the very near future, I just don't like the idea of investing too much in Jackson.

The 49ers have not inspired us with their wide receiver work in the draft, but I don't think they can decide that's reason enough to invest anything remotely resembling big bucks in Jackson. This is particularly so given the way the offense has developed the last three seasons. The addition of Jackson would have to mean some kind of changes would be in store, and if that's what you're looking for, so be it. But for now, it just doesn't strike me as the right fit. There are potential answers with a hypothetical addition of DeSean Jackson, but it also opens up numerous questions.