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Golden Nuggets: The preseason schedule is released and more details on the Chris Culliver charges

Thursday, April 10, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Good morning everyone, 28 days from now it will officially be draft day. By the way, am I alone in thinking the Kevin Kostner movie is going to be terrible? I haven't seen any opinions, but it looks dreadful. I'll still probably watch it. Anyways, the preseason schedule was released yesterday and we get to look forward to both the Harbowl part III, and letting the Broncos know just how little we think of them after their "performance" in the Superbowl. You know what really grinds my gears? The Broncos. It was hard enough losing to Seattle in the NFCCG, but seeing the beat down they put on the Broncos added a "what if?" component to the grief. What if Colin Kaepernick threw that final pass to Michael Crabtree just a few inches farther? What if we got a shot at the Broncos? Would #6 already be in its rightful spot? So annoying. Thanks for nothing Broncos.

In addition to the preseason schedule, we also got some more info on the Chris Culliver hit-and-run case from last month. He is being charged with one felony for possessing brass knuckles, and two misdemeanors for the hit and run of the cyclist. Given that he has no criminal past, he is probably not going to receive the maximum sentence for any of the charges, but It is hard to see him getting off scot free. Still I wouldn't expect the NFL to act until the legal system works this out and I do expect Chris Culliver to play and start in the meantime. I do not think for a second that Corner is a huge need. For reference, I consider what the Colts had in between Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck to be a huge need. The 49ers have no holes like that on the roster, but with nickel packages playing as large a role as they do and most other positions being even more set, its almost certain that at least one corner will be taken in the first two days of the draft. To the links!

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