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Brandon Lloyd spoke with 49ers about possible return, according to reports

The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly talking to Brandon Lloyd about a potential return. We break it all down, along with everyone's favorite GIF.

Al Bello

The San Francisco 49ers are apparently looking into bringing back an old friend. Matt Maiocco is reporting that the 49ers have been "in talks" with Brandon Lloyd about a potential return to the NFL. Maiocco cited multiple sources, but I thought this was also an interesting tweet late last night:

I called around to try and get confirmation on this, but had not heard back when MM published his report. Either way, this would reportedly be the second time in the last year the 49ers have spoken with Lloyd. Back in September, PFT reported the 49ers were among several teams to contact Lloyd about returning to the NFL. According to the report, Lloyd did not feel he was physically or mentally ready to continue in the NFL.

Lloyd ended up sitting out the season after playing for the New England Patriots in 2012. He had a very solid season, catching 74 passes for 911 yards and four touchdowns.

This would of course mark his second tour of duty with the 49ers. During his first stretch, Lloyd flashed tons of talent, but just could not quite put it all together. In his first stint with the 49ers, Lloyd had 105 receptions with 1,510 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Lloyd made some absolute circus catches, but with the advent of the GIF, my first memory always end up as this: