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San Francisco 49ers legal round-up: Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton, Chris Culliver, Aldon Smith got stuff happening

The San Francisco 49ers are dealing with various legal issues this offseason. We break down what we learned on Friday.

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Fooch's Update #2 - There's an update on the Aldon Smith case as well. I can't figure out if this means the DA won't consider a plea with Aldon, or if DA simply won't discuss it with the media:

Fooch's Update - Matt Barrows had this update:

The San Francisco 49ers had a busy Friday with off-the-field happenings across the board. We have some minor updates in the Colin Kaepernick/Quinton Patton/Ricardo Lockette situation, we've got an update in Chris Culliver's legal situation, and Aldon Smith also had another court date. Good times indeed.

Colin Kaepernick

We've heard about the police report, but now the Miami Herald (h/t Matt Barrows) has some updates. According to the Herald, the Miami Fire Department is who actually took the girl to the hospital:

"At 12:32, Miami Fire Rescue was dispatched to the Viceroy and transported a 25-year-old female from the Viceroy to the Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency room," Miami Fire Lt. Ignatius Carroll said.

According to Barrows, Miami Fire and Rescue was summoned to the Viceroy by Miami PD. The woman woke up the next morning not knowing how she got to the hospital:

"We have to examine evidence and wait for some tests to come back, including toxicology reports," Police Chief Manuel Orosa said Friday. "We can present it to the state attorney and they can decide whether to continue."

The chief added: "It's too early to determine what the evidence indicates."

The Herald is reporting the woman was administered a rape kit, but any results have not been made public. We also don't know if the results have been finalized at this point.

Chris Culliver

The 49ers cornerback had a court date related to his two misdemeanors and one felony. He pled not guilty to all three charges, which include felony possession of brass knuckles, misdemeanor hit and run with injury, and misdemeanor hit and run. The judge granted a 977 motion, which means he would not need to return to court until a preliminary hearing. There will be a variety of hearings in the meantime, with the next one scheduled for May 14

Aldon Smith

The 49ers outside linebacker is dealing with his gun possession and DUI case. He had a discovery hearing scheduled for today. There is no word on what went down in the discovery hearing, and we don't yet know of the next court date. If anything comes down I'll update this.