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Friday evening open thread: 49ers, Giants "close out" Candlestick Park

@SFGiants on Vine

It's been a wild week for 49ers fans, with the Colin Kaepernick/Quinton Patton news dominating the headline. Things have quieted down to some extent. If you want to discuss the latest updates on the situation, head over here.

Now that we're heading into the weekend, I thought I'd throw up an open thread for a little random chatter. You can talk about most anything you want. Obviously the usual site decorum rules apply, but you're welcome to talk about non-49ers stuff.

One random bit of news to pass along. The 49ers and Giants put together a bit of a "closing out Candlestick Park" event at AT&T park on Thursday. Former 49ers LB Keena Turner and Giants manager Roger Craig threw out first pitches to 49ers TE Brent Jones and Giants player Shawon Dunston.

Here's some Vine video of the first pitches courtesy of the San Francisco Giants. Even though I'm not a Giants fan, it's still pretty cool. We'll be back with plenty more content this weekend, but for tonight, enjoy and a have a good evening!